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4 Less-known PMP Exam prep guidelines for better success

Is the PMP Exam prep difficult to go through? Through the majority of people say yes to this question – it is not as impossible as it made out to be. When you observe the reasons for the failure of many candidates, you’ll realize that there are some common patterns. So, to help you excel in the PMP Exam on your first attempt – we have crafted 4 effective tips which will be of a definite booster to your exam prep.

4 Tips to ace your PMP Exam prep

  • Do NOT use too many reference guides and exam prep books. When it comes to preparing for the daunting certification exam – you only require the PMBOK guide and 1-2 reference guide to clear it. Too many prep books and online courses will confuse you. Usually, one good examination course and one prep book are sufficient to complement the PMBOK guide. 
  • Join forums. You can go through PMP forums where exam takers are more than willing to share their experiences in taking the exam. This is an essential part of your exam prep. Spending a few minutes daily, reviewing and commenting – is sufficient. Don’t get carried away. 
  • The practice is the key. Good exam prep includes more reading and solving mock questions. Solving previous year question banks is a great way to enhance your ability to tackle the examination questions. Also, besides helping you determine your weak areas of the subject – solving mock tests can get you the pace required to tackle the question in the allotted duration of 4 hours. PMP Training is also of equal importance – in the exam prep. 
  • Prepare for formula-based questions. In your study notes, make a separate section for all the important formulas and terminology that are essential. Memorize them. Before the actual examination starts, recall from your cheat sheet – and write the contents down on the scratchpad that will be provided in the exam room. This is known as a brain dump!

Do NOT hesitate to go back and change an answer to a previous question. You might come across a situation where answering one question provides you with insight into a previous question.

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